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Treatment & Injuries

Proven and Professional

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Physical Therapy Session


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Physical therapy is said to be "science and art," and it is the skill acquired through clinical application and practice that makes Dr. Susana Cicchetti excel in this field. 

Staying abreast of current evidence-based practice is a must and catering your rehab to you is the art. 

One-on-one care is to be expected with your intentions being priority. 

Soft Tissue Mobilization     Active Release Technique (ART)
Graston     Myofasical Decompression (Cupping)
Neuromuscular Re-education     Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
Gait Training   Strength    Mobility

Dr. Cicchetti never liked running until post-college when free time was few and far and she needed her stress release.
She thought it was easy…at first.
Then injuries occurred.
We have all heard “too much, too soon, too fast.”  “Muscle imbalances.” “Tight hamstrings.” Well those reared their ugly heads and quintessential runner’s lifestyle began.
Since the start of her running-habit, Dr. Susana has completed four marathons, about a dozen 1/2 marathons, and an unknown number of 10ks & 5ks. 
From ITB syndrome, runner's knee, plantar fascitiis - Dr. C knows these injuries, has worked through them, and continues to try to improve her knowledge of this “easy sport” not just to be a better clinician but also to be a better runner.

Runner's Knee     ITBand Syndrome

Plantar Fasciitis     Posterior Tibialis Dysfunction

Foot/Ankle Pain      Hip Impingement

Hip Pain     Neck Pain

Without question you surf, you will get injured.

So many factors go into surfing from us, the athlete, to the not-always-predictable ways of the wave.  This sport changes constantly and Dr. Cicchetti believes that is why most of us love it. 

Whether it is tightness, weakness, lack of endurance or an actual collision- the risks are real and we will face them.

Dr. Susana Cicchetti is extremely familiar with the aches and pains as she has a meniscus tear, torn quad, RSI neck strain and even sustained a broken rib with bruised lung.  But Dr. C returned to the water quickly because she dedicates(d) herself to rehab, training, and injury prevention.

Shoulder pain     Rotator Cuff Injuries
Neck Pain/Strains    Back Pain/Strains
Knee Injuries/MCL Sprains     Hip Tightness
Ankle Sprains     Nerve Issues

Want a boost in your day-to-day? Or perhaps you have started marathon training & want to do as much as you can to prevent injury?

A Wellness appointment is your best bet.


Whatever your goal is, Dr. Susana Cicchetti will perform an assessment focused on your objective and together create a program that will help you achieve success. 

Sports Training     Mobility & Flexibility
Improved Performance     Return to Activity/Sport
Health & Wellness      Injury Prevention

Floor Dysfunction

Leaking/incontinence, pressure, pain, constipation, and core dysfunction can be addressed through pelvic floor rehabilitation.  While a lot is "common," it is not normal and these issues can be fixed once addressed. 

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