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What's with the Guns?

Probably the hottest thing on the market right now are these Theraguns, Hypervolts, and other massage guns.

When new items come on the market and pick up steam, I often wonder why? I raise an eyebrow at a quick fix solution.

What these massage guns provide is deep tissue massage with vibration - kind of like the old school massagers but with more power. I think this is great! I think you, the person/athlete/pain-sufferer/recreational-activitist should have control of your pain management. However, I have some

thoughts based on my professional knowledge, research and experience.

The Pros

  • Alleviates pain, post-workout soreness, breaks up scar tissue

  • You can do it to yourself

  • Less time traveling to a practitioners office for treatment

  • Cost effective

The Cons

  • It’s passive.

When you have muscle soreness, scar tissue builds up and/or pain - you must be active!

Muscles are meant to contract, relax and expand. A knot will remain a knot until you retrain that muscle (break up that muscle memory) and get that muscle to behave. This requires exercise.

Scar tissue can loosen up with massage but then needs to be “pulled” in line of force so it, too, can return to it’s normal resting state. This requires exercise.

Example: Common area of pain: Levator Scapulae (see the pic).

The role of this muscle is to elevate your shoulder blade, provide some neck/mid-back stabilization, and tilt your head. It is often overstretched due to a forward head posture, funky shoulder blade movements, and weakness of some surrounding muscles.

So when you have pain, tightness, just the yuckies in this area you could “gun it” but you should also stretch, strengthen, and retrain that muscle so the pain/tightness/yuckies do not come back.

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