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3 Types of Muscle Contractions.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Here's a little breakdown of muscle contractions. There are three basic types of contractions:

Isometric: The muscle is contracted but there is no movement.

Example: Holding your coffee mug while you walk around your kitchen. That biceps is active but not bringing your cup closer to your mouth.

Concentric: The muscle contracts and it shortens.

Example: Now you bring that sweet and tasty cup of joe to your lips. Your biceps is shortening, think Popeye, bringing that cup so you can sip.

Eccentric: The muscle provides control while lengthening.

Example: Instead of letting gravity win and that cup slams on the counter, your biceps help you slowly lower that shiny porcelain capsule so you can enjoy another sip later.

This is the most force a muscle can produce. It also makes you the most sore!

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