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Telehealth is on the Rise!

Yup, that's right and I could not be more excited. Why you may ask? Well, because of multiple reasons. Part of it is due to my experiences and the other part is because of you. Let me explain....

Experiences and You:

1.) You know your body better than anyone else.

You know when its not feeling right and when it needs attention.

I can read your movements, you know your body, and together we can get you back to you. I don't need to do this in-person. Yes, I need to see you but I also need to hear you. What a lot of people do not realize is that, we, as healthcare professionals, get a lot of information from what you say. Your history tells us a lot. This is why we ask a lot of questions. We want to know how you have been moving; how you perceive these movements; and why it stopped. Then let's make you move and I will watch. I can do this sitting right in front of you - physically and virtually.

2.) You need to be in control. You need to do the work.

Negative moment: Often times PTs hear the "womp womp" of injuries and then get shut down when giving advice. This happens in the clinic and on the street. OR people just want the "rub down."

Well, I'm going to bursts some bubbles that should've popped ages ago....My back/hip/neck/whatever feels fine and no rub down is going to get you back to running/surfing/sitting/stairclimbing/whatever.

-You have to do the work for you-

Whether standing 6 feet away or watching you through a computer screen, I can give you the work you need..and yes, some of that might be you rubbing yourself...but followed by therapeutic stretch, mobility, exercise, activity, or movement re-education.

3.) Telehealth saves money.

Telehealth is more cost effective.

It saves the insurers, not my favorite, money - telehealth appointments are cheaper.

It saves the provider - less overhead and equipment;

And it saves you - no more taking time off of work to get to your appointment, paying for childcare, gas.

4.) Providers are more accessible.

Barring any technical difficulties, healthcare providers can be reached 24 hours/day. You can start the healing process right away (generally). Or if you have a question, you don't have to wait three weeks and hope that you remember it when you see your practitioner at that appointment.

Sooo have I made my point? If you want more, let me know.

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