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Some of you may know I love to surf.

And some of you may know I love to travel.

Soooo why not do both?!

At least once a year I try to treat myself to a surf trip where I ditch the constraints of a wetsuit and work, and play in the sun and salt. Depending on the destination, I may pick up my training so I can handle the conditions I venture to.

Usually this works out but not always. I have traveled to other states and countries where I have killed it! ....And have been in positions where I either fatigue too fast or, frankly, the waves are just too big for my comfort level. While this can rain on anyone's parade, and it definitely sprinkles on mine, I adjust my expectations and see what I can work on, even in the white water.

See, this is the hard part about planning a trip based around one event is that it doesn't always work out...or do we put too much on what "an epic surf trip" should really be like?

This blog was inspired by my most recent trip to Costa Rica where I was shut out for a good half of my stay. Part of it was the conditions (you know a hurricane or two) and part of it was my nerves. But I was most upset that I didn't take the opportunity to practice new skills in the high energy inside but instead curled my bottom lip out and dragged my feet. Whatta butt.

I hope the feeling that I have now, sitting and writing this blog, returns the next time I decide to be a brat and that I change my attitude because everyday in the water is a blessing.

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