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Stretch Time!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Just like strength training, a flexibility program should be a part of everyone’s weekly regime.

By no means will you end up like a human pretzel, unless that is your goal, but it is a great idea to create length, decrease tension and friction, and to just open up that overly worked body.

Per the American College of Sport Medicine, a routine of whole body or multi-joint (example: calf stretch: these muscles cross the ankle and knee) stretches should be completed 2-3 times a week and held for 10 - 30 seconds for young bucks and up to 60 seconds for older individuals.

I am guilty that I’d prefer the sweat, endorphins, and challenges of strength training, running, etc wwwwaaaayyyy more than stretching but I never had a stretching bout where I wished I hadn’t done it. In fact, I mostly gasp how much better I feel and always say to myself “I should do this more.”

If you are like me, maybe you should try?

Another reference FYI.

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