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Still feel tight?

Do you stretch, and stretch, do yoga and stretch, and still feel tight? Or maybe that later in the day you feel like you should stretch again?

Well there is a good reason for that - you're weak.

What?! I know.

Tight muscles are weak muscles &/or overused muscles (meaning the "right" muscles are not being used so they are probably weak as well). I know it sounds weird but it's true. Ask any Physical Therapist.

Here's one reason why: Those need-to-be-stretched muscles are working a lot, maybe too much, and they get tight because they do not have the capacity to withstand your demands. You're running marathon and you haven't given them the strength to tolerate 6-7 times your body weight with a single hop for 4 hours straight. So they tell you.

Another reason: Still that same situation, the need-to-be-stretched muscle is working overtime and that is because the appropriate muscle is on vacay, and has been for some time. Think of your pesty upper traps. They get tight and holler at you because of your neck stabilizers, the ones who support that bowling ball, are enjoying Mai Tais and lattes. You can stretch your upper trap and get temporary relief but if you want it to go away, fix the problem. Get the neck stabilizers back to work.

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