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Sorry, cash-only.

I have chosen to go cash-based for multiple reasons but I will keep this short for the sake of your health.

I obviously work in health and with that insurance has been my main source of income. Over the past decade that funding has decreased significantly while the cost of life, PT school, etc continues to grow exponentially. For example, Medicare (big insurer for our aging population and think of alllll those baby-boomers) purposed an 8% drop in reimbursement for therapy services in 2021. Imagine killing at your job and then being rewarded with a demotion. It's demoralizing and puts so much stress on us healthcare providers to see more, which can and will sacrifice the quality of care, to make up that loss.

So I choose cash. I feel that my rates are fair for the knowledge, expertise and passion I have to help you get better.


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