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Roll, roll, roll it out...

Some people love self-torture and others avoid it like the plague but until recent there has not been a good understanding as to what Foam Rolling really does.

It is commonly referred to as "self myofascial release" and you can use a foam roller, lacrosse ball, "bak balls," and those handheld self-massagers.

So I am not going to go over specific techniques in this blog. Starting January 2021 I will have videos on my YouTube page, but I am going to give you parameters, meaning how to apply foam rolling to your practice.

First, how long should you perform self myofascial release?

One article found that if you roll for ONE set, not two, for TEN seconds, you produce the most change.

- Great news, huh?! This will save you time and make you more efficient with your mobility training.

Okay, what does foam rolling do?

I have three answers for you:

1.) While it can be painful, it does decrease muscle soreness.

2.) Increases your range of motion (ROM), giving you more motion, for about ten minutes.

3.) And it can do that, give you more ROM without compromising strength (static stretching can).

Lastly, Junker and Stoggl found that foam rolling has long term flexibility benefits and is similar to PNF stretching.

- Woot woot! I love working out and having it last.

Did you find this helpful? Want more? Please email me and let me know.

Thank you to Sarah Duvell and her lecture on Soft Tissue mobility from the Postpartum Corrective Exercises Series.

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