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Well does that not sum up 2020 so far?! Just once you think you are stable, life takes a sudden turn, drop, leap, and you need to become flexible, mobile, pliable.

…So participating in this “looseness” theme I have posted on my YouTube channel a Mobility session with mini breakout sessions to follow.

My sports are running and surfing and each activity comes with its own demands. While both sports give me a workout it is important to workout to play the sport and not play the sport as a workout if I want to stay injury free.

Think about?

Most of us spend our day not active, sitting, & then play hard. How fair is that to our muscles, joints, and other tissues? And raise your hand if you have ever felt tight just sitting there? Guilty.

When we have proper strength, length, and mobility we will sit better, move better and play better. And this “work out” does not have to be hours long. A little priming can go a long way.

Do I have your attention? Shoot me an email - I am most happy to help!

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