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Let's Talk About Foam Rolling.

This month of January usually kicks off resolutions of getting rid of some extra lbs & getting back to a healthier diet and you. I thought I should talk about a way to "treat yourself" while you work hard to achieve these goals.

So this month I will be posting Foam Rolling videos, also on YouTube, to help you feel good.

But first, clarification: Foam rolling IS NOT myofascial release (MFR). MFR is defined as light pressure and mostly passive. There are some techniques that ask for active movement & participation but the key point here is minimal pressure. Because of fascia's make up, it responds differently than other tissues. Read up here if you raised an eyebrow.

This is important because sometimes MFR is needed & rolling won't be the answer.

Instead we are doing SELF-SOFT TISSUE MOBILIZATION. We are moving the skin, muscles, nerves, bone and yes, some fascia. However, we are promoting muscle relaxation amongst the midst of structures being affected.

Alright enough of the babble - videos & more facts to come!

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