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Load vs Capacity.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Wonder why you got injured?

If there isn’t a traumatic event or accident, we often question what happened to us.

There is a simple principle called Load vs Capacity that can help clear the fog.

Every tissue in your body has a capacity - a limit of what it can tolerate. When we do things, we apply load. If that load exceeds the capacity of the tissue, it will fail.

That is why it is very beneficial to exercise - to slowly add load to the tissue so that it can adapt and improve its capacity. Makes sense right?

An example: When we first lay cement down it is soggy and we can lead hand-prints in it with the lightest touch. As time goes on, it hardens and can eventually handle millions of feet on it a day.

---Now cement is different than soft tissue but the point is if you train, exercise, and allow your body to adapt you will be happier!

This video is a great reference.

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