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Healing Times: Here’s what to expect if you are injured and are impatient.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

If you are facing surgery or have sustained an injury this might give you a little insight on what your body is doing and how long it takes to heal. To help make sense of it all you might want to reference a previous blog, What the…

These timeframes are in generals. Specific structures heal a little bit differently based on injury.

Articular Cartilage: 60 days a repaired site looks like cartilage and around 6 months it starts to look like the collagen (type II) that it was before.

Ligaments: At 12 months a ligament is 50-70% as strong as a “controlled ligament” aka non-injured side (WHAT?!!!).

-this might explain why scarring down is so important and that recovery seems to take forever.

Muscles: Around 3 weeks a muscle that has been injured can generate force (strength). However, it will not be as strong as it was before the injury but that is what we are working on.

Tendons: Day 35+ a tendon will have collagen strength but you have to load it for the activity you want to do. Meaning if you only load it at 25% of let’s say your bodyweight, it will only be that strong. It has to be loaded to build strength to the demands you place.

Myotendinous Junctions: We are not sure yet but reference the above and it might give us an idea.

Nerves: Oh man, this is a toughy. Things to consider is how much pressure is placed on that structure; if it continuous pressure and/or if the nerve has been interrupted (ahhhhh). But in general, a year. Nerves move slow.

I hope this info was somewhat helpful. Be patient!

Resource: Inservice at Agile Physical Therapy, given by Tony Dimaano

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