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What types of health insurance do you accept?

None at this time. However, I do provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance upon request. 
The reason I do not take insurance is because I would like to continue to practice with one-on-one quality care for up to an hour and not be dictated by time or units that the insurance companies demand.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

PT: In the state of California, we practice Direct Access for all physical therapy patients. What that means is I can see someone without a doctor's referral for up to 12 visits or 45 days, whichever comes first, before needing a medical doctor to get involved.

Wellness: none of the above applies. 

What is your new patient procedure?

Book an appointment online or contact me and I will book your appointment. Complete the new patient intake which is automatically sent to you and get excited! Payment is due at the time of the appointment.

What does a virtual appointment look like?

All appointments require a camera from either your phone, laptop, or tablet. We will discuss your history/injury/concerns. From thereI will ask you to perform a series of movements, exercises and activities focused around your aches/pains/goals.
All this is done via HIPPA compliant software.
To help the visit go smoothly, please make sure you have a strong internet connection & that browsers, etc are up to date.  That you are dressed in clothing that permits movement, in a private space with enough room to move.

What about in-person appointments?

Initial appointments are $200 for 1 hour+, and $175 for all follow ups if you are in the San Diego area. If you are in Orange County etc., there is an additional fee for commute. 
I bring a treatment table and all my "needs" to your home or office. Please have a space where I can set up. 


What if I don't have pain?

Great! If you are looking for a functional assessment or movement analysis, then I am your gal. 
This is where/when we can focus on better control, patterns, and power to help you achieve your goal.

What is the "Refer a Friend" discount?

I can't thank those enough for the praises I have received. It truly takes a team to achieve goals and that is strong communication and understanding.
With standard appointments being $200, all F&F (Friends and Family) are $150. ***Additional charge for commute, over 50 miles,  may apply.

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