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Dr. Susana Cicchetti is the founder and sole provider at Therapeutic Moves Physical Therapy. She has been practicing in Orthopedics and Pelvic Floor since she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) in 2009 from the University of St. Augustine, Florida. 

Dr. Susana Cicchetti provides treatment for all musculoskeletal injuries and conditions including neck, shoulder, back, knees ankles - you name it! A specialized area of treatment is also Pelvic Floor PT. These dysfunctions not limited to incontinence, pain, constipation, prolapse, and pre-and-post-partum recovery. She believes in looking at the whole body to optimize function and wellness helping you achieve your goals. 

She is very passionate about providing excellent, efficient, and effective one-on-one care at the convenience of your home either in-person or virtually.

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